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12 Feb '16

February 2016

Posted by Louanna Flint

February 2016

I am writing a blog.  My research has indicated that I should write about something that I am "passionate" about.  I can do that one, Sewing!  Hopefully, I will have a few interesting things to say!

I love designing and making handbags.  I am constantly making sketches of new "designs", and then tucking them away for a day when there is time to get them made into patterns.  Well, that can sometimes be a major challenge!

I live with my mother who is very wise, (wise, is a family saying for older), my daughter and her two sons, two dogs, three cats, and three fish, so as you can probably imagine, there can be some difficulties in finding creative time.

We have recently moved from three households into one, and into a very small town, population less than 300.  Yes, it is hard to promote my creations in a small place however; there is the internet, right?  So, here goes a website, with a "blog", oh my.

 The main fabric I use is denim, of various weights and colors. I use different accent fabrics, and will sometimes switch things all about.  There are times that I recycle items to embellish my bags, this could include buttons, trims, leather, and even some fur. 

I start with a pattern that I like and start cutting, (I really don’t like cutting).  Depending on how many bags I am making, it can sometimes take me a couple days of cutting before I am ready to start my “creative” ideas for each bag.

I like to make a few in different color schemes of some of the bags.  Then, there are the one of a kind bag. I love the way the bags seem to “speak” to me.  They do have a way of letting me know what they want to look like.  That sounded a little crazy!

Well, with this blog, I hope to share some of my ideas, thoughts, and craziness with you.  Hope to be back soon.